Journeys to Sakhalin

Journeys to Kurils:

Iturup Island -
Kurils pearl!
Tours and Thermal
Springs recreation -
Basic Tour
(4 days / 3 nights)
Итуруп базовый +
1 день свободный
(5 дней / 4 ночи)
Итуруп базовый +
рыбалка речная

(5 дней / 4 ночи)
Итуруп базовый +
рыбалка на палтуса
(5 дней / 4 ночи)
Итуруп базовый +
восхождение на
вулкан Баранского
(5 дней / 4 ночи)
Итуруп базовый +
морское путешествие
вокруг п-ова Чирип

(5 дней / 4 ночи)
Итуруп базовый +
Лимонитовый каскад
(5 дней / 4 ночи)
Итуруп базовый +
Лимонитовый каскад
с ночевкой в палатке

(6 дней / 5 ночей)
Итуруп базовый +
озеро Сопочное и
бухта Торная
с ночевкой в палатке
(6 дней / 5 ночей)
Новый год (ЗИМА) на
о.Сахалин "По следам
каторги", о.Итуруп "В
ожерелье вулканов"

(9 дней / 8 ночей)
на мыс Кузнецова
(п-ов Крильон) и
Итуруп базовый

(7 дней / 6 ночей)
по южному кольцу
и Итуруп базовый

(7 дней / 6 ночей)
(10 дней / 9 ночей)
Итуруп - зимнее
восхождение на
вулкан Богдан
Морские прогулки

Accommodation on Sakhalin

Санта Ризот Отель

Accommodation on Iturup

Отель "Янкито" (VIP)
Гостиница "Янкито" (Эконом)
Гостиница "Итуруп"
Полевой лагерь

Термальные источники Итурупа

Термы вулкана Баранского - речка Кипящая
Водно-оздоровительный комплекс термальных вод "Ванночки"
Водно-оздоровительный комплекс термальных вод "Жаркие воды"

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Gidrostroj TOUR Company

Kuril Islands!

These words sound magical, mysterious, magnetic for many people around the world!

This is one of the most remote and amazing parts of Russia! This is the land of volcanoes and thermal springs, waterfalls and mountain streams, red fish and red caviar, crabs and huge halibut, broken ships and fortifications! All this magnificence was lost in the Far East of Russia in the Pacific Ocean. The islands spread from Kamchatka to Japan for 1200 km like a giant necklace or a protection embankment of the eastern shores of our country from gigantic ocean waves...

Iturup Island - the largest one in the Kuril archipelago.  This is a part of Russian land, far from civilization, its hustle and bustle... Unspoilt  wild nature with its dignity, exotic, ecology, interesting unique places, thermal springs - is this the place you would like to visit for your next vacation?

On our island there is the highest waterfall in Russia - Ilya Muromets, 141 m high. On our island there is the Kudryavy volcano emitting the most valuable mineral rhenium into the atmosphere with its gases in about half of the world's production...

Our company has all the necessary infrastructure to provide qualified travel services so that you can slightly open up such an interesting and unique place for yourself...

We are ready to meet you with anxious hospitality as the most welcome and dear guests to us, to give a part of our soul. We will try not only to show our island, but also to tell about it, creating such an atmosphere of your journey, so that later your memories of your stay on the island will return you each time to the world of purity, spiritual warmth, tranquility, vivacity, harmony and desire to return to us more than once…